Second Annual Leadership Summit

August 3-4, 2018 // Churchill County High SChool

Act local. Think Global.


Photos courtesy of Amethyst Freibott, Julie Lynch and Robert Davis


August 3-4

46 students and 20+ Volunteers

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My favorite part of the leadership summit was ...


Gaining helpful skills for high school and college!

I really liked the workshops I attended.

Wrapping gifts for foster children.

Meeting members of my group and being able to call them friends!



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Summit Theme: Act Local. Think Global.

Our world is interconnected; how are you contributing to your corner of the globe?

We know ourselves and our communities best. This slogan urges people to consider the health of the entire planet and to take action in their own circles.

With act local, think global as this year's summit theme, participants will engage in robust leadership development rooted in community-based action and global understanding.


Keynote Speaker


Rachel Mill's life goal is to live on all seven continents. She's managed five, but...there's still time. Rachel is a graduate of Linfield University and CCHS who has worked for nonprofit organizations and taught debate in multiple countries, including Afghanistan and Morocco. She served in the Peace Corps and now works as a paramedic in Reno and for Search and Rescue.

Rachel's Advice:

  • Try what scares you

  • Stop talking and listen

  • The worst they can say is no

  • Breathe

Rachel’s story inspired me. She gave a lot of life advice I can take with me.
— Student participant

Community Leader Panel

  • Ben Trotter, Sheriff

  • Lana Narag, Medical Doctor

  • Summer Stephens, CCSD Superintendent

  • Michael Hanifan, Brigadier General




Student Panel

  • Breanna Paris, '14

  • Zack Shipton, '13

  • Blane Merkley, '15

  • Elena Murray, '14



Leadership for Service


NV Foster care Gift Wrap

Our team raised money through a 5K fundraiser to purchase over 100 gifts for Nevada Foster Care Students. Participants of this year's summit wrapped and labeled the gifts to be delivered during the Christmas season.


Workshop Topics:

  • One Choice Doesn't Define Us

    • Presented by: Rebecca Winder

  • Rewrite your Brain for Leadership Excellence

    • Presented by: Andy Lenon

  • Innovative Problem Solving and Teamwork

    • Presented by: Kathleen Williams-Miller

  • Moving from Good to Great

    • Presented by: Alan Kalt

  • Release Fear and Become a Conscious Leader with Mindfulness, Meditation, and Mantras

    • Presented by: Kadie Zeller

  • The Power of Vulnerability and your Personal Story

    • Presented by: Amethyst Freibott

  • Discovering your Love Languages: Showing Appreciation

    • Presented by: Allison Woolsey

  • Let's Talk about High School

    • Presented by: Recent High School Grads


Breakout Sessions:

  • Joining the Armed forces

  • applying to College

  • Making the Most out of High School



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